Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PlayStation 4: Which One Should You Buy?

Microsoft and Sony have both unveiled their next generation gaming consoles, Xbox One and Sony PS4 respectively. While Sony’s announcement of Playstation 4 in February was full of surprises and innovations, Microsoft’s Xbox One is unable to grab much of consumers attention. From the first impressions it seems like both have similar specifications, so it is expected that most of the games looks similar on both the consoles. Both consoles promises motion tracking and seamless updates in background.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Which One Should You Buy

Comparison of Xbox One and Playstation 4


Both the consoles have 8 core x86 architecture AMD Jaguar Processor running at 1.6 GHz with 4MB of L2 cache. Playstation 4 features 1,152 GPU cores compared to the Xbox One’s 768 graphics cores. When it comes to system memory again both systems have 8GB of RAM, the difference is that Playstation 4 uses the GDDR5 RAM that stream data at 5500MHz, while the Xbox One uses the DDR3 RAM streaming data at 2133MHz. This initial comparison of the hardware makes Playstation 4 a clear winner in terms of raw gaming power.

Controllers and Design

Microsoft has not made any major change to its existing controller, it simply redesigned it to improve its ergonomics. However Kinect (motion sensing device) has been tweaked a lot that promises to detect heart rates by tracking blood flow using infra-red camera.

Sony has launched its new Dualshock 4 controller with the launch of Playstation 4. The Dualshock 4 controller now integrates move functionality and equips a touchscreen and also has an inbuilt speaker to enhance PS4 gaming experience. The controller also equips a sharing button for social gaming. However, Sony has not revealed its console yet so we have to wait to compare the designing and built of both consoles.


Microsoft Xbox One is an all-in-one multimedia powerhouse and designed in such a way to act as a media centre solution for the living room. It helps you to quickly switch between live TV, applications and games. Also helps you to make skype calls.

On the other side, Sony Playstation 4 is much focused on gaming. All the new features are incorporated to enhance the gaming experience. The new feature of broadcasting livestreams of gameplay is added and also lets you to share the same on social media sites via share button on its Dualshock 4 controller.

Price and Launch Date

There’s no words about the pricing and launch date of Xbox One and Sony PS4 from both the manufacturer. However both the consoles have been rumored to launch by the end of 2013.

Which one you should buy? Xbox One or Sony PS4

It’s too early to answer this question as many things are still unknown for both the devices. But from the initial review we can say that if you’re looking for core gaming experience, you should go for Playstation 4 but if you’re looking for a complete multimedia solution than Xbox One is for you.

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