View Anyone’s Private Photos On Facebook

Facebook has a serious privacy issue. Its possible to see anyone’e private photos on Facebook due to this privacy issue.

It doesn’t matter if you keep your photos hidden using the privacy settings of Facebook, people can still open and see the hidden photos.

Procedure to see private hidden photos of any Facebook album:

• Open the Facebook profile page of the person whose private photo album you want to open.

• In the address bar or the URL bar of your web browser, type or copy paste the following code and press Enter.

javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20’profile_two_columns’); tab_controller.changePage(“photos”);})()

• This will redirect you to the hidden or private photo album of the person.

It works 75% of the time but sometimes you see the error,

There are no photos to display. Photos of this person may not have been tagged, or may not be visible due to privacy.

This works even if you are not in the friend list of the person whose photos you want to see.

This bug will be eventually fixed by Facebook but its really scary.

No matter how tight the security and privacy settings are, people still find a way to bypass it. So if you want to keep any of your photos hidden and private, then simply don’t upload them on Facebook, or internet!

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  1. Abhishek says:

    Doesn’t work anymore!

  2. Anurag says:

    It does work, but only on some profiles.

  3. Stineex2 says:

    it doesnt work, all it shows is the loading sign….

  4. Anurag says:

    This bug/hack has been fixed by Facebook.

  5. Marcelo says:

    It does work, but not all the time.

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