Unlock Windows 7 Secret Hidden Regional Themes

Windows 7 has an amazing set of Aero themes. By default, you will only get a set of 5-6 aero themes based on the location entered during installation. But there are a few more hidden Windows themes which you can find easily.

These Windows themes are are not actually hidden, but they are not visible simply because they are regional themes, that is, they are available in different countries like Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United States and South Africa.

Regional themes

Here’s the procedure to access these hidden Windows themes:

• Go to the drive where your OS (Windows 7) is installed and navigate to Windows > winsxs.

• Now Search for *.theme

• First default themes will come and then in a moment all the regional themes will show up.

Search Themes

Double Click on any of the first 5 themes and that’s it. Enjoy your brand new themes.

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