How To Uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 7

Most tech savvy people don’t use Internet explorer any more. This is because its very slow, makes Windows slow and also is full of bugs.

If you have already switched to an alternate web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox, then you may want to completely uninstall Internet Explorer from your computer to save some space and resources.

Here’s how you can uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 7:

1. Go to Control Panel and change the View by category to Large Icons.
2. Go to Programs and Features.
3. Click on the Turn Windows features on or off link on the left hand side.

4. Now UNCHECK the Internet Explorer box from the window that now appears.

5. You’ll get a warning after pressing OK. Don’t worry about that. Click on YES.

That’s it. You just uninstalled Internet Explorer from your Windows 7 machine.

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