5 Sites That Pay You Money For Reading SMS

If you want to make money online, then there is an alternate way that doesn’t need any special skills like knowledge of programming or your own website. You just need to receive promotional sms and get paid to read them.

Most of these websites work like this. You need to register your mobile number with them to accept their user agreement. After that you need to specify the topics that interest you. Then you will start getting a few sms messages
each day. You will be paid a small amount of money for each message you read.

Here’s a list of websites that pay you money for reading sms:

mGinger.com: A service that provides targeted ads on the mobile phones. As explained above, once you register and specify your interests, you can start receiving sms messages to make money online instantly. At mGinger, you can also specify the maximum number of sms messages you would like to receive per day.

1RupeeSMS: Just like mGinger, you make money to receive and read sms messages on your mobile phone. A unique feature of this site is that if you send a promotional sms message to your friend, you will be paid for that as well.

YouMint.com: A permission marketing company for mobile phones based in UK. The features are same as of mGinger and 1RupeeSMS. You will get local coupons worth thousands of rupees just for signing up with YouMint.

MGarlic.com: A service just like the above sites, except that the minimum payout amount at this site is very small compared to the sites above. You can get the money as soon as you have earned Rs. 100.

Update: We have removed the 5th site that pays you to read sms messages due to very bad user reviews. You can check other ways to make money online.

If you know about any other site that helps you make money online just by reading SMS, or if are a permission marketing company that pay users to read SMS, then do post about it using the comments form below.

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