Top 10 Super Secret Google Chrome Pages

If you have been using Firefox for some time, then you are probably familiar with the about: configuration pages of Firefox. Google Chrome is the new web browser that implements the same and lets you configure the browser internal easily. Here’s a list of some useful about: pages of chrome:

about:version: Displays the version number of your browser, along with the Webkit and the v8 Javascript Engine version. The user agent used by Google Chrome is also listed.

about:plugins: Displays a complete list of plugins available in Google Chrome like flash, RealPlayer etc.

about:cache: All the web pages you view via Chrome are cached in the memory. This decreases the loading time of web pages when you visit them again. The cache is an important treasure of information and media of all the pages you visited. Chrome doesn’t have an option for you to set it’s cache size, but if you’re on an old computer, using few MBs of RAM, it is recommended to empty this cache, every few days.

about:memory: This one is interesting. As the name suggests, this function should list all the memory which is being used by Chrome. But interestingly, along with that, this lists the memory which is being used by all the active web browsers (Firefox, opera etc.) along with that of Chrome’s.


about:stats: Shhh! This page is secret is the title of this page. And it displays a list of internal timers and counters of Google Chrome

about:histograms: Total geek stuff. If you don’t know a thing about coding and metrics, you can’t make a word out of it. This page displays a histogram of Chrome’s internal metrics. But, in a very un-formatted type.

about:dns: Displays Chrome’s pre-fetched DNS records for the frequently visited web pages (hostnames).

about:network: If you’re familiar with the Live HTTP Headers extension for Firefox, you could make sense out of this one. This page can be used for I/O tracking.

about:crash: Everyone hates crashes. But ever wondered, how can you manually crash a tab, just when you want? Just enter this in your address bar.

about:hang: Another tool in the devil’s toolkit. Does nothing productive, but is fun. Entering about:hang in your address bar would hang the current tab. What that exactly means is, the tab will no longer except any input, but will be still running.

So, which is your favorite secret Google Chrome page? Do let us know by dropping down comments.

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  1. Top 10 Super Secret Google Chrome Pages | Techy Labs | Chrome OS Blog says:

    […] Visit link: Top 10 Super Secret Google Chrome Pages | Techy Labs […]

  2. Srivathsan G.K says:

    Wow.. I have been a chrome lover since it’s release .. and yeah the last two was real fun and I’m loving it \m/ Chrome ki Jai ho !! 😀

  3. Amit Banerjee says:

    Now that is unique….never knew this . The DNS, Cache and the memory pages are worth a check and would be useful. Thanks for the share.

    Question: Why do you show the entire post on the home page and not the excerpts ? Might lead in duplicate content ….


  4. Rishabh says:

    Thanks Amit for dropping by. Yeah! these hacks are pretty cool 😉
    And as far as your question is concerned, I’ve shown the latest post on homepage and all other excerpts below that. I think it is fine. Or is it not? Let me know

  5. Amit Banerjee says:

    Yes….earlier I saw the full post on the homepage. It’s okay now.

  6. Angelina Ramirez says:

    I have tried using Chrome OS in one of my desktop PC’s, the overall performance is above average to excellent ‘

  7. Rishabh says:

    Btw, Chorme OS is a complete different thing from Google Chrome. Latter is a web browser.

  8. Paige Flores says:

    i have tested chrome os both at home and at work, it does not seem to be better than ubuntu;*~

  9. Lily Evans says:

    Chrome OS is at par with the current GUI release of Linux~:*

  10. Arjun Bajaj says:

    Chrome OS is good… its still in development…and ubuntu till now is better…
    but you never know what google may come out with…in the end its google…

    and hey i’m using the chrome dev 7.0.544.0….

    but the about:stats isn’t working???….

    your list is really great….

  11. Sally says:

    Thank you for sharing. Great help to us novices. Found link to your website from another,

    It is a gift to those of us wishing to learn.

    Have a good day.

  12. HackToHell says:

    AS of now about:network and about:stats are depriciated try about:flags

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