Stop Windows Themes From Modifying Cursors And Icons

If you are a Windows user, then you must have tried Windows themes some time or the other. Most Windows themes change the appearance of your desktop and Windows explorer. However, some advanced Windows themes also change the cursors and icons.

Since most customized icons and cursors are confusing, you may want to keep them same even if you apply a Windows theme.

To prevent any Windows theme from modifying your cursors and icons, follow this procedure:

Right Click on your desktop and click Personalize.

Change Mouse Pointers

In the Personalization window, first click on Change Mouse Pointers(on the left).

Pointer Settings

The Mouse Properties window will open. Here, uncheck  “Allow themes to change mouse pointers” and click OK. This will prevent the modification of cursors/pointers.

Change Desktop Icons

Now go back to the Personalization window and click on Change desktop icons.

Desktop Icon Settings

On the Desktop Icons Settings window uncheck “Allow themes to change desktop icons” and click OK. That’s it. This will prevent any further modification of icons due to desktop themes.

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