Sony Xperia S Review

Sony Xperia S is considered to be one of the best Sony product to be released. Sony Xperia S has got a very good design compared to the rest of the smartphones in the market. It has got good smooth design with soft covers.

The borders of the phone are smoothened with curves which have made the design look awesome. There is a plastic strip separating the buttons at the bottom and the wide screen at the top.

The most important feature of Sony Xperia S which is likely to attract most of the people is its display size. The screen of Sony Xperia S is 4.3 inch wide and provides 720 Pixel High definition resolution.

Since the display is very good, Sony Xperia S is an ideal device to watch movies and play games. The clarity of the picture is also very good.

The other important aspect for which people have bowed their head is its camera capacity. The Sony Xperia S has got 12 Mega Pixel cameras which can give competition to the most of the smartphones currently in the market.

The camera has auto focus feature with LED flash. There is secondary camera at the front end with 1.3 Mega Pixel capacities which can be used for video chatting and video calling.

The rear end camera’s auto focus ability is very good and can capture any pictures with high quality. The flash light helps to take the snap at any lighting conditions. There is Geo tagging feature which is used by most of the people to tag their friends to the photos and share them at distant places.

The processing ability of the Sony Xperia S is very good and can handle any number of applications at a time. It comes with 1.5 Giga Hertz processor which can process any memory intensive application easily.

One disappointing factor in Sony Xperia S is its older operating system. It is expected to get launched in the month of March with Android 2.3 operating system. However Sony has promised the customers to release the new version after few days with Ice cream sandwich.

When it comes with memory, think Sony have made a mistake without giving option of external memory slot. Sony Xperia S comes with inbuilt 32 GB memory space and it is sufficient for the people today. There is 1GB RAM which can handle the data transfer with great sped and launch the applications immediately even when the memory of the phone is full.

There are few phones, where their processing ability will decrease when the memory gets filled completely. Since the memory is inbuilt, there will not be any issues with that. This Sony Xperia S has provided a long battery back up for the people and the people are happy about this factor. It provides 450 hours stand by backup and minimum of 7 hours and 30 min of talk time backup facility.

Overall, Sony Xperia S is worth its price.

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