How To Remove Password From a PDF File

If you have an encrypted and password protected pdf document, then you cannot edit or modify it in any way. You will be asked for a password to edit that pdf document. But what if you don’t have the password?

You can use the PDF Password Remover in that case. It removes the password from pdf files so that you can easily edit them using any pdf editing software.

To start, download and install PDF password remover from this link. Then right click on any restricked pdf file, and select the option that says Decrypt with PDF Password Remover. All the restrictions from the pdf will be removed instantly.

At the time of writing PDF password remover supports PDF 1.0 – 1.7 formats. You can also batch decrypt multiple pdf files at a time. Support for upto 200 files is available.

PDF password remover is a standalone software and it does not need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to be installed on your computer to unlock the pdf files. Check it out now.

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