How To Recover Data From Computer That Won’t Boot

If any of your computer is not booting and you have some important data on it, then you may want to recover that data as soon as possible.

One way to recover data from a computer that is not booting is by using a Live CD to boot and then copy the data elsewhere. You can use a live CD of any popular Linux based operating system, like Ububtu or Fedora. It doesn’t matter if the operating system on your computer is Windows, you can still recover data using a Linux Live CD.

Here’s the procedure to recover data from a computer that won’t boot:

• I assume that you have a live CD of Linux ready. If not, then download Ubuntu as an iso image from their official website.and burn the downloaded iso image to a CD by using any CD burning software like Nero.

• Power on your computer and hit the BIOS setting hot key. Different BIOS have different hotkeys to get access to their BIOS settings. Normally, it is F2 key, but it may vary.

• Once you’re in your BIOS, look for a table that let’s you change the boot device order/priority. The table would be having different devices like CDROM. HDD. USB Drive etc, listed. Select CD Drive and move it to the first place. Save and Exit Setup.

This step changed the first boot device to be the CD drive so that you can boot from Live CD.

• Now power on the computer again, and put the Linux live CD in the CD drive. Your computer would automatically pick settings from the CD and within minutes, a whole new Linux operating system would be running on your machine.

You can now access to every corner of your hard disk and you can take backup of your data using a USB drive or an external hard drive easily.


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  1. Aaron Bennett says:

    Data Recovery is a very costly option that is why you should always check your storage media for any signs of wear and tear.;’`

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