Nokia Lumia 1001 | First Mobile Device Running Windows Phone 8

If you have a mobile device that has Windows Phone 7 or lower version of Windows Phone operating system, then we have a bad news for you. Mobile device manufacturers and Microsoft have decided that Windows Phone 8 operating system will not be available for current Windows Phone devices. If you are looking forward to check out the all new Windows Phone 8 operating system, then you have to purchase a new mobile device supporting it.

The first device with Windows Phone 8 operating system will be from Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 1001. As you know, Nokia is no longer using the Symbian OS for its latest Lumia series of smart phones, but using Windows Phone OS for it. So it was highly probable that Windows Phone 8 will make its debut on a Nokia Lumia Phone. And its name will be Nokia Lumia 1001.

Its not hundred percent certain that the new Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia will be named Nokia Lumia 1001, but all the evidence point to it. The Nokia Lumia 1001 will be the best phone from Nokia till date. Are you waiting to get your hand on it?

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