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While touchscreen controls have largely revolutionized the casual gaming landscape, they still leave a lot to be desired compared to dedicated console controllers. This has largely been alleviated by the smartphone gamepad industry, which seeks to marry smartphone gaming with more traditional control schemes.

The more familiar and intuitive control methods that gamepads bring to the table are but one aspect of their appeal. Going beyond that, they can even make you play better.

“The right controls can not only improve the mobile gaming experience, but they can also make you a better player, simply by allowing you a better feel for navigation, accuracy and control,” says a blog post from online gaming giant pocket fruity.

To this end, gamepad manufacturer PowerA has announced two new additions to its line of Android-only gamepads, the Moga Pro Power and the Moga Hero Power. Both are updated versions of gamepads released earlier this year: the Moga Pro and the Moga Pocket, respectively.


Both new designs come packed with improvements over their respective old models, but perhaps the biggest new addition is the Moga Pro Power’s built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery. It basically turns the gamepad into a more versatile but less long-lasting power bank.

The added battery makes the Moga Pro Power a bit heftier than the original Moga Pro, but depending on your tastes it could be taken as a plus. Where the Moga Pro’s lightweight construction made it feel more like a toy controller, the slightly heavier Moga Pro Power now feels like a true controller when you hold it.

Apart from the battery and a few cosmetic changes (no more backlit buttons, no ridged rubber grips), the Moga Pro Power’s design doesn’t differ than much from the original. It still features the Xbox 360 controller-inspired button and trigger layout as well as the S.M.R.T. Lock arm that PowerA debuted at E3 earlier this year. You also still need to use the Moga Pivot app if you want to find compatible games fast.

The Moga Pro Power is a reliable gamepad for mobile Android gamers who are constantly on the go. Just remember to keep a close eye on the battery levels.

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