Application To Manage Your Twitter Accounts On Linux

Twitter is the only micro blogging platform available today. And its getting more popular everyday as social media marketing is becoming more important for online businesses.

With its growth, new twitter apps are appearing for everyday. You can find native twitter app for any platform easily. If you are looking for a twitter app for Linux, then try Histwi.


Histwi is a native Twitter account management client for linux platform. To install this app on Linux, follow this procedure:

• Open Terminal

• Add the PPA with the command

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nikolay-blohin/histwi

• Update your software list

sudo apt-get update

• Finally, install it with the command

sudo apt-get install histwi

I have tested this on Ubuntu 9.10 and it works great. If you face any issues, then post a comment below.

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