HTC Primo Review

There are many companies in the telecommunications market releasing their own products with new and attractive features. For any Smartphone to stand in the market for at least few days there should be some outstanding features which will attract a lot of people. Here comes HTC Primo which has made its step into the market and has gained more customers because of its outstanding features.

Display of the HTC Primo Smartphone is very good and most of the people who have purchased it have agreed on it. The display size of HTC Primo comes with 480px X 800px with touch sensitive control.

The touch screen is of 3.7 inches and is made up with super Amoled hence it has got good response time. There are multi touch screen which has attracted most of the people and people like this feature the most.

Camera of HTC Primo has got very good clarity. HTC Primo has got a camera lens with capacity of 5 mega pixel. The camera comes with auto focusing capacity and geo tagging. The resolution of the camera is 2592 X 1944 pixels.

The camera of HTC Primo has a got a video recording option with the resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels. The pictures or videos captured from this Smartphone have got high clarity compared to any of the Smartphone. This is the reason many people are using HTC Primo as a substitute for camera. Even if you take a picture while moving, the clarity of the picture is very good and you will not see any blurriness in the image.

Another important aspect of a Smartphone is its memory. HTC Primo comes with 512 MB internal RAM memory. We Have seen many Smartphones which will not react to the user commands when there is enormous amount of data is stored. But the speed of HTC Primo will not deplete even after storing huge amount of data.

Since the HTC Primo comes with 512 MB RAM it has a good response time even when there is lot of data stored in it. The HTC Primo comes with extendable memory of 32GB which can be used for collecting any sort of data. It has got an additional memory slot of Micro SD card.

HTC Primo comes with Android OS Version 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich). It has got a CPU of dual quad core 1 Giga Hertz processor. You can run any number of applications at a time on HTC Primo. You can play games along with music simultaneously without any issues in its response.

The dual core processor will handle all the issues and will give you a smooth ride in all your application. Last but not the least, HTC Primo is very good for music lovers. HTC Primo has got good speakers which will play the music without any noise with full clarity. The earphones that comes with HTC Primo have got good noise reduction capacity. Overall, HTC Primo is worth its price.

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