How To Uninstall or Remove the Facebook Timeline

Earlier we posted about how to get the Facebook timeline. At that time, Facebook timeline was in beta and was available for developers only, so you had to manually activate it on your Facebook profile.

Now Facebook timeline has been applied on all Facebook account by default. But many Facebook users are finding it too complex to comprehend. They like the older Facebook profile better and want to uninstall or remove the Facebook timeline profile layout.

If you are one of the Facebook timeline haters, then there is a bad new for you. There is no official way to disable Facebook timeline.

But you can still remove the Facebook timeline layout using third party browser extensions. There are many browser extensions available that removes the Facebook timeline layout, but the best one is timeline remover.

You can use this extension to remove the Facebook timeline in a single click. If you want it back then also you can enable it in a single click.

If you know about any other way to uninstall or remove Facebook timeline, then do post about it using the comments form below.

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