How To Send Files Via Facebook

Facebook messaging system has the feature of sending images, links, videos. You can also directly record videos and send them instantly using a Facebook message. But there is one feature missing. You cannot attach various files in Facebook messages.

ArunaSend is an applications, using which you can send any file, like doc, pdf etc. to a Facebook User. If you want to send a file to a Facebook user and don’t have his/her email id, then this application will always come in handy. For sending a file you need tog go to the application page and allow it.


Choose a file from your Computer and attach it. You can choose any file up to 100MB. Your Facebook friend list will be at the right hand side of the app. Just click on a friend and he/she will be automatically added in the “Send a file to” list.You can send a file to up to a maximum 10 friends at a time. Enter any message(optional).


Click on “Send it” button and do not close this Application until upload is complete. Once the file is uploaded ain the Aruna server you will also get a direct URL which links to the file. So, you can also share that URL directly.


When the file has been sent The Facebook friends will receive a notification like one below and all the email ids entered will get an email where in there will be the same URL which you got after uploading the file.


This feature is very good for those who do not have email ids of their Facebook friends. Note that once the file is uploaded it is only there for the next seven days.

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  1. Srivathsan G.K says:

    Wow, Great find. I never knew we could send files using facebook. Will give it a try right away !!

  2. Julie says:

    There’s another way to do it that doesn’t require you and your friends to install another application. Use, or, or Upload your file to any of these sites, and you’ll get a unique URL which you can paste into Facebook.

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