How To Reset Your Password In Ubuntu Linux

Did you forgot the password for your Ubuntu Linux installation? You can reset it easily. All you need is the Ubuntu live CD or a bootbale Ubuntu USB flash drive.

Incorrect Password

To reset the Ubuntu Linux password, first insert your Live CD/flash drive and restart the computer. While booting, choose “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer” from the boot menu.

Try Ubuntu

After Ubuntu is loaded, open the Terminal form Applications > Accessories.


To know on which drive your Linux is installed type:

sudo fdisk –l

Most probably it will be /dev/sda1. Now you have to create a virtual directory to mount the hard drive on. For this type:

sudo mkdir /media/sda1
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1

This will mount the hard drive in the /media/sda1 folder.

Now comes the main command. Type:

sudo chroot /media/sda1

It will open up a shell in a different root directory. Here we will use the the folder where the hard drive was mounted previously.

Disk Info

To change the password now, you need to use the passwd command. Type:

passwd techylabs

Replace techylabs with your own username.

Enter New Password

Now enter the new password and confirm it. That is it, you have successfully changed your password in Ubuntu Linux and you will be able to login with it.

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