How To Get The New Facebook Timeline Layout

Facebook timeline is the new Facebook profile layout that lists all your Facebook updates chronologically from the time you joined Facebook. Check the Facebook timeline video:

The Facebook timeline is not available for everyone, as its being released gradually, but if you want to activate the Facebook timeline on your profile right now, here’s the procedure:

• Log in to your Facebook account and go to

• Click on “Allow” and then “Create new application”. In the New App dialog, put timeline for the App Display Name, and put your name for App Namespace.

• Now click on Open Graph in the left side panel. On the open graph page, write a verb and a noun. For example, you can write, read and TechyLabs.

• Now click on Save changes, and then click on Next. Keep saving all settings now with default values. Once you Save and Finish, go back to your profile page and refresh your browser. Facebook will now ask you if you want to activate the new Facebook timeline on your profile. Click on Get it Now, to activate the Facebook timeline instantly.

That’s it. Now check your profile page to see the new Facebook timeline profile activated.

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