How To Get The Old Facebook Chat Interface Back

Facebook recently revamped its chat interface, claiming that the new Facebook chat is much more effective and useful. But the new chat interface has its drawbacks like instead of online friends only, all the friends are visible in the chat box.

If you would like to get back the old Facebook chat interface, then it can be done with the help of Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion Greasemonkey script.

How to Install Old Facebook Chat Greasemonkey Script in Google Chrome: Click here. On the Script page Click ‘INSTALL’ button which is in the top right side of the page.

Now the Install Popup will appear, in that box click INSTALL and the Script will be installed.

Once the script is installed, restart Chrome. You will see that the old Facebook Chat is now available. If you can’t see the old facebook chat, clear the browser’s cache and open the Facebook again.

How to Install Old Facebook Chat Script in Mozilla Firefox: In Firefox, you need to install the GreaseMonkey Add-on first, before installing the old Facebook script. So open Firefox and go to Download page of the Grease Moneky Add-on from this link. On the Download page Click Add To Firefox button.

A popup will ask about installation. Click INSTALL to complete the installation procedure.


Now that the GeaseMonkey add-on is Installed, click here to go to script page. Onn the script page click Install button which is in the Right top.

After installing the script, restart Firefox and you’ll see that the old Facebook chat is available now. if you can’t find it, then clear the browser’s cache and try again.

If you have any issues installing and using the GreaseMoneky script in Firefox, check Complete Guide to Installing and Using Greasemonkey Userscripts in Firefox.

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