How To Enable or Disable The New Gmail Look

Gmail launched the new design recently, completely revamping its user interface. The new Gmail look is responsive, which means it will work perfectly on screens of all sizes.

Many more things added and changed includes a better gmail search and a smarter responsive navigation. Check out the new Gmail look in the video below:

How To Enable the New Gmail Interface? You can easily enable the new Gmail UI by clicking on the Switch to the new look link in the bottom right corner of your Gmail interface.

You’ll get the new look of Gmail instantly.

How To Disable the New Gmail Interface and Get the old Gmail look back? Google will make the new Gmail interface default soon, so its better you start getting used to it now.

But if you want to disable it until it becomes mandatory, you can click on the tool icon on the top left corner, and click on Revert to the old look temporarily in the drop down menu.

Now log out and log into Gmail again to get the old interface back. If you still get the new Gmail look, then clear your browser’s cache and cookies once.

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  1. cgiles says:

    Thanks, because since i changed my interface, when i wished join a document, the mail was impossible to send and copied in draft folder.

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