Get Direct Link To Delete Your Account on Any Website or Web Service

I am sure that you are registered on hundreds of online web services and social networking websites. You use some of them daily, like Facebook, Twitter, Paypal etc. while on some you created an account and then never logged in ever again.

You may want to delete your account on many of such websites for various reasons. There are privacy concerns. If you think that a web service is not secure enough, you should delete all your data on that website immediately.

You may also want to delete your account on websites like Facebook to save some time for ‘real’ social activities.

Once you decide that you want to delete your account on a specific website, its sometimes every difficult to find the exact information on how to do it. Some website owners deliberately hide the account removal info to keep your private info forever.

One way to find how to delete an account on a website is to Google it. You can easily find procedure to delete accounts using this system. For instance, how to delete account, how to delete account etc.

But what if you want to delete your multiple online accounts? It will be very time consuming to find info about each site. This is where comes into picture. contains the direct URL for deleting an account of almost all the major websites. It has two links for a few sites like Facebook. One to deactivate the account and second to delete the account. If you deactivate the account then it can be reactivated by verifying the email address again but if you delete it it cannot be re-stored.

Currently this websites has information about a sum total of 23 websites, but more will be added soon. So, check out now!

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    Twitter can be also addictive, the idea essentially keeps me from spending enough time together with our family unit!

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