How To Change Facebook Background

Facebook is not only the most popular social networking site today, its actually the most visited website in the history of Internet. With millions of daily active users, Facebook is innovating everyday to make itself more useful for users.

There are many great features of Facebook but it still lacks one feature, the ability to change Facebook background. Users who migrated from MySpace miss this feature most as unlike Facebook, one could easily change MySpace background image.

You can still change the Facebook background on ‘your’ computer using a Firefox addon. First download and install PageRage addon for Firefox. Now login to your Facebook account and select a custom layout and Facebook background using Pagerage. That’s it. Check out how I changed my Facebook background below:

Note that since the Facebook background is changed using a Firefox add-on, only YOU will be able to see the changed background. If you want your friends to see your new background, the add-on has to be installed on your friend’s browser too.

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