Automatically Tweet Your Recent Blog Posts Using Feedburner

One great way to get more traffic on your blog is to post all your latest updates on Twitter. This way, you are creating an alternate channel for people to subscribe to your blog’s updates. They can simply follow you on twitter!

If you use feedburner to manage RSS subscriptions on your blog, then you can integrate it with you twitter account, and it will post each new post to twitter automatically. No need to post each tweet manually.

How To Integrate Twitter and Feedburner? Login to your feedburner account, click Publicize tab on the top, and then click Socialize tab on the left pane.

Here you will have the option of integrating your twitter account with your feeds. Simply add your twitter profile and you’re done.


There are many more advanced options out there which you may like to tweak. However, if you don’t want to get into those advanced settings, leave them as they are.

Now feedburner will automatically tweet your latest blog posts from your twitter profile with appropriate hash tags!

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