How To Add Quick Launch Bar In Windows 7

Windows 7 fixed almost all bugs that were present in Windows Vista, and is also much faster and reliable then Windows Vista. But there were some ‘features’ in Windows Vista that were also removed from Windows 7.

One such feature is the Quick Launch Toolbar. On Windows 7, you can pin any item(s) to the taskbar, so the quick launch bar was obviously not included. But if you want to get the quick launch bar back in Windows 7, here’s the procedure:

• Right click on the Taskbar and navigate to- Toolbars > New toolbar.

New Toolbar

• Now copy and paste “%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch”, without quotes in the folder selection dialog and click on ‘Select Folder.

Select Folder

• Now again right click on the Taskbar and disable the ‘Lock the taskbar’ option. We are doing this in order to customize the Quick launch bar.

Unlock Taskbar

• You might have noticed that the quick launch bar has a title ‘Quick Launch’ and text along with the icons. To remove them right click on the ‘Quick Launch’ and disable the ‘Show Text’ and ‘Show title’ options.

Un-tick mark

• Now drag and drop the new ‘Quick Launch’ toolbar anywhere over the Task bar using the dividers.


Now turn on the ‘Lock the taskbar’ option again. That’s it.

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  1. Shubham says:

    Pretty cool….thanks for the tutorial..!

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    I like the way you seize the heart and soul of the idea, truly good writting approach, I enojoyed it!

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