Show “Add To Circles” Google+ Badge on WordPress Sidebar

Google+ is the latest social networking website from Google. If you own a website or blog then Google+ is much more then just a social networking site because the ranking of your site depend upon the number of +1 of your site and the number of people who have you or your website in their Google+ circles.

A great way to motivate people to add you or the Google+ page of your website into their circles is adding the Google+ ‘add to circles’ badge in the sidebar of your website. If your website is built upon WordPress, its very easy. Just use GoogleCards plugin.

This plugin displays a Follow me on Google+ badge in the sidebar of your blog, along with the number of people who have already added you in their Google+ circles.

The plugin uses a caching mechanism to store all the data of your Google+ profile, like your name, your profile image etc. in the database, so that there is no need to check Google+ every time the site loads. This makes it very fast.

Download and install the GoogleCards plugin now to increase the visibility on Google+ right now.

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