How to Sign in to Hotmail Securely

Security of your email account is very important as a lot of personal and business critical information can go into wrong hands if your email account is compromised.

If you use Windows Live Hotmail as your email service, then here are some useful tips for a secure Hotmail Sign in.

• Enable SSL encryption on your Hotmail Sign in page. This ensures that your username and password are encrypted before they are passed to the Hotmail authentication server.

To enable SSL encryption on your Hotmail login page, click on Enhanced Security link just below the login box. This will enable the SSL. You can confirm this by checking if http converts to https in your address bar.

• Always use a strong password, and make sure that you enable the options in hotmail which deactivates a password after 72 days. Once your password get expired, you can simply reset it to a new one. Go to this page to enable this setting.

• If you are signing in to Hotmail from a cyber cafe, then instead of using your password to sign in, try using the new Hotmail single use code to sign in.

A single use code is a password for your Hotmail account that can be used only once. If you are logging into your Hotmail account from a public computer, then you can request a single use code and you will receive it as a text message on your mobile phone which is registered with your Windows live account. You can then use this code to login.

If you follow these simple tips, then I am sure that your Hotmail account will never be compromised and you can always sign in to Hotmail securely.

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