Print Documents Remotely From Your Mobile Phone Using Google Cloud Print

Google cloud print is an innovation from Google that connects your printer to the internet. Once you connect your printer to the web, you can print documents or any other printable files from anywhere and using any device, including your mobile phone. You can now use your office printer from home!

To start using the Google cloud print service, you must first connect your computer to Google cloud print. Here’s the procedure:

• Start Google chrome. If you don’t have Google chrome installed on your computer, then you can install it from this link.

• Start by clicking on the tool icon in the top right corner.

and select OPTIONS.

• Click the Under the Hood tab. Scroll to the bottom to the Google Cloud Print section and click Sign in to Google Cloud Print.

• In the dialog that appears, sign in to your Google Account to enable Google Cloud Print.

• When you have signed in, you will see this confirmation page:

• After setting up Google Cloud Print your options pane will look like this:

Now your printer is connected to the web and you can now print anything using this printer from anywhere and any device. For instance, if you want to print a email message from your mobile phone, go to in your mobile browser, open the message and choose Print.

If you want to print any document like a PDF or a Microsoft Word document, then send it to your gmail inbox. You can simply email it to yourself to do that. Then open the email message and click on the print button next to it.

If the printer is not switched on at the time of submission of the remote print job, then the print hob will be in the Google cloud print queue and it will be completed whenever the printer is available.

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