How To Verify Your PayPal Account Without Credit Card

PayPal is the safest and most widely used platform for performing money transactions over the internet. But if you’re using an unverified PayPal account, you have a limit of being able to transfer only $500 per month. However, it you get verified, this limit is waived off.

To get verified by PayPal, you needed a Credit Card until now. But not anymore! The good news for Indians is that PayPal has introduced the verification system straight from your bank account.

Its very easy to verify your paypal account without using credit card, just with your bank account. Click Get Verified in your PayPal account dashboard.


Click on the second option. After you start the process, PayPal will send two small amount (less than Rs. 2). They might be any combination like (Rs 1.19 and Rs 1.20 or whatever) through NEFT to your bank account.

Check the amount through your bank slip and enter the exact amount in your PayPal dashboard. That’s it! Your PayPal account is now verified without any credit card!

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