Get Free GPRS and Internet on Airtel Using Airtel Live

If you have a Airtel as the service provider on your mobile phone, then you can get free GPRS and internet access on your mobile phone using Airtel Live.

Airtel Live is a free service from Airtel that lets you access many websites and web services without any Airtel GPRS settings activated on your phone.

Airtel Live is activated automatically by default on most of the phones. In case it is not activated on your phone, you can get it activated by calling the Airtel customer service. Once Airtel Live is activated on your mobile phone, download and install the TeaShark web browser on your phone from

Once the TeaShark web browser is installed on your mobile phone, you can immediately start surfing the internet for free.

Note that TeaShark web browser will work only on mobile phones with Java support. And also, if it asks for GPRS settings, use this free GPRS settings,

PORT: 80 or 8080

Important Note: Note the balance of your mobile phone before starting to use this free Airtel GPRS trick, then browse the internet for few minutes for some time and check the balance again to make sure that the trick is working on your phone.

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