Facebook Chat Emoticons and Smileys Codes

Hi there, all you Facebook fans! If you’re like me, who spend most of their time on Facebook, then this is a must read for you.

Facebook has the best chat system as compared to other social networking sites like Google Plus. And millions of people do chat on Facebook on regular basis. Even while writing this, there are millions of chat discussions going on via Facebook.

Being a Facebook fan, you probably already know about the Facebook chat emoticons / smileys. This post lists all the known as well as secret Facebook chat emoticons and smileys.

First I thought of posting only the secret Facebook smileys and emoticons, but finally posted all of them so that you can refer to this page whenever you want to use some obscure smiley to surprise your friends over Facebook chat.

Here’s the full list of all the available Facebook emoticons and smileys codes:

Smiley Name Code
smile Smile : )
frown Frown : (
tongue Tongue : P
grin Big Smile : D
gasp Gasp :0
wink Wink ; )
glasses Glasses 8 )
sunglasses Sunglasses 8 |
grumpy Grumpy >:(
unsure Unsure :\
cry Cry :'(
devil Devil 3:)
angel Angel O:)
kiss Kiss :-*
heart Heart <3
kiki Pleasant Face ^_^
squint Eyes Down -_-
confused Conufused O.o
upset Upset >:o
pacman Pacman :v
colonthree Mustache :3
robot Robot : |]
putnam Putnam :putnam:
shark Shark (^^^)
42 Number 42 red-white :42:
penguin Penguin <(")

What do you think about it? Do share your thoughts using the comments form below. And yes, if you find any new secret and hidden Facebook emoticon or smiley, then do share it with us using the form below.

Update: Check out more Facebook chat slang, smileys and text effects.

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  1. Srivathsan G.K says:

    OH MY GOD ! I never knew so much emotions could be done on facebook.. thanks.. bookmarked !

  2. Rishabh says:

    Glad, you liked it Srivathsan. Have fun :)

  3. Tushar says:

    i am too a avid user of facebook but never know that emotions could be used there….thanks for the list

  4. Michael says:

    That was a good list.

    hey listen, i have heard like facebook is gonna open an office in India. do anyone know any details of it?

  5. Holleeey xx says:

    please can u make some more facebook emoticons they were cool (Y) (thumbs up )

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