Facebook Mobile Messenger | Review and Download Link

Facebook has just launched a pretty amazing mobile messenger app for Android or iOS devices. The Facebook mobile messenger app lets you send and receive Facebook messages instantly from your mobile device. It has much better interface, and many new options, then native Facebook App on your mobile device.

Some Features of Facebook Mobile Messenger App:

• With this app you can send and receive messages directly on your mobile device.

• There is no delay in the delivery of the Facebook messages. The messages are delivered instantly.

• This app supports Group conversations and Group chats. You can also disable your location information if you don’t want to share it.

Download Facebook Messenger: iOS App | Android App

Update: The Facebook Mobile Messenger App is currently available in U.S. only both for iOS and Android. However, I managed to get hold of the Apk file for Android. So, you can install it in any region. Download Facebook Messenger for Android .APK File.

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