Disable Canceled Order Email Notifications From Google Checkout

By default, Google Checkout sends email notifications to you for all the canceled orders. Its ok if you are selling one or two products on your own e-commerce website.

But If you are selling android apps or android games on Google Play store, then this feature of Google Checkout can fill your inbox with hundreds of cancellation emails. This is because Google Play store has a 15 minute refund policy, and many Google Play users exploit this policy to try paid android apps in Google Play store for free.

Fortunately, its very easy to disable canceled order notifications from Google Checkout.

• Log into your Google Checkout account, and click on ‘Settings’.

• Open ‘Preferences’, and in the ‘Order processing’, un-check the option that says ‘Email me each time I receive an order, cancellation or other transaction option’.

• Click ‘Save preferences’. That’s it. Now you will not get any emails from Google Checkout.

If after changing your preferences in Google Checkout settings, you still keep receiving the notification emails from Google Checkout, then contact Google Checkout support with the details and they will manually disable email notifications for you.

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