How To Cut a Normal SIM or Micro SIM Card to a Nano SIM Card For iPhone 5

If you have got the unlocked version of the latest Apple iPhone 5, then you will need the nano SIM to use it. Earlier avatars of iPhone used micro SIM, but the iPhone 5 is very slim so Apple introduced the nano SIM for it.

Currently no mobile service providers have released a nano SIM, so you will have to manually cut the your normal SIM or micro SIM to nano SIM. Here’s the procedure:

Please note that cutting the SIM card is a very delicate process and your SIM may get permanently damaged in the process. Please follow the instructions to cut a nono SIM very carefully. TechyLabs cannot be held liable or responsible for any damage caused to your SIM.

• Print the following instructions to cut the normal SIM or micro SIM to nano SIM. Print it on a normal A4 size paper with 100% zoom.

• Depending upon whether you have a normal SIM or micro SIM, place it in the appropriate spot in your printed copy of instructions.

• Once your SIM card is placed on the appropriate place, mark the lines using a ruler and cut it along the lines. Be very careful while cutting the SIM as a SIM card can get damaged easily if not handled carefully.

• Smooth the edges of the nano SIM you have just created and use it in your iPhone 5.

That’s it. Now you have a nano SIM which you can use in your iPhone 5. If you have any questions about cutting a normal SIM or micro SIM to a nano SIM, please post it below.

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