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Assuming that you have already checked the previous post on Counter Strike 1.6 Optimization, here are some more tips on Frames Per Second, Resolution and Bindings in Counter Strike. Majority of people never pay attention to these settings, but fraggers, its really important.

What is Frames Per Second (fps)? Frames per second is the rate at which an imaging device produces unique consecutive images. These images are called called frames.

If you have hard time controlling recoil (blowbacks) of guns, drags rarely works while sniping and the game lags while going through smoke, then surely you need to pay attention on FPS of your game. Make sure you play on 100 FPS and it should be stable. Best ways for increasing FPS is to Turn Vsync Off.

For Nvidia cards, Open Control Open > NVIDIA Control Panel.

Now in Nvidia Control Panel, go to Manage 3D Settings and there by click on Global Settings. There you will find Vertical sync, select  Force Off and then hit Apply.


Now start Counter Strike and press ‘~’ on keyboard to open console. Enter following commands in console:

  • fps_max 100
  • cl_cmdrate 50
  • cl_updaterate 50

To turn Vsync off in ATI Cards, simply download this software – ATI Tray Tools After installing it, , right Click on the icon on task bar > 3D > Wait for vertical sync > Always Off.


* to override Counter Strike FPS for more then 100, type ‘developer 1′ in console. That will allow you to go more than 100 FPS in Counter Strike. Type maximum FPS you want in console (e.g. fps_max 300), but 100 is considered the best for rich gaming experience. Even after this, you are not able to get 100 FPS stable, get a good graphic card in your PC and if you have one, then its good to be thrown in dust bin. That’s it for FPS Settings, now coming on Resolution.

What is resolution (Res)? Resolution is the term used to describe the number of dots, or pixels, used to display an image. Higher resolutions mean that more pixels are used to create the image, resulting in a crisper, cleaner image.

For Counter Strike, low resolution is better. A lower res makes crosshair movement less distinguishable while higher res makes crosshair movement more noticeable. Lowering res makes the same sensitivity potentially more accurate as there are less pixels skipped per the same sens number.

Higher res makes potential precision of accuracy higher by having more pixels to aim at and making subtle crosshair movements noticeable to the eye. Lowering res also means that when you do for example, a 180, less virtual physical space is traveled thus making it easier to track what you are looking at. And since you are still moving the mouse the same amount of distance the crosshair moves slower to travel the same amount of distance to compound the effect. Even, having low resolution gives you much stable FPS and while you are in smoke, FPS wont go down.

Now for in game settings, Make sure you use OpenGL render because its really stable. You can notice a remarkable change in FPS with both renders, i.e. DirectX and OpenGL. 640*480, 800*600 and 1024*768 are good choices.

BINDINGS? Coming to bindings, it is setting your keyboard and mouse buttons according to your game play. Now, what if you are in close quarters and you go out of ammo, surely you will scroll your wheel down and so to switch to pistol and try to land more frags. But it really takes time, prefer using number keys to switch weapons, for that you have to use a command in console ‘hud_fastswitch 1′ that will switch to weapon as you tap the key without showing that HUD option for guns. Now by pressing ‘1’ you switch to Primary Weapon, press ‘2’ for Secondary, ‘3’ for knife, and here the big trouble comes, switching between grenades.

Grenades are stacked up under same category so its really tough to get the right one on right time. Players have to buy time to scroll between grenades and that’s really time consuming. Best way is, assign different key to different grenades. For instance in my case, ‘4’,’5′,’6′ are assigned for grenades. To do that, open console and type,

  • bind 4 weapon_hegrenade
  • bind 5 weapon_flashbang
  • bind 6 weapon_smokegrenade

Now its your personal choice what keys you want to assign.

By switching your weapons from number keys, frees your mouse wheel and you can bind it for jump and duck, console commands:

  • bind mwheelup +jump
  • bind mwheeldown +duck

Or, you can do it in Keyboard options.

So, play game, make yourself comfortable with keys. Make sure to do any action in game, you must not be struggling with keys. Whatever you are comfortable with, bind it to your preferred key.

* Bindings differs from player to player, so make your own configs rather then following someone else configs. Just the goal is to be quick while swapping weapons and making fast reflexes.

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  1. Brad says:

    Counter-Strike 1.6 was released on September 15, 2003, way-way back from today, but still players are struggling to master it. The game is too old, it has low poly animation that works mostly on any computer, and even the game is very simple.

  2. Glymbol says:

    -noforcemparms is enough to turn off Windows acceleration

    Resolution has zero impact on aiming precision. Same sensitivity is exactly as acurrate on high as on low resolution. Even mouse DPI/CPI doesn’t matter, it affects turning speed not precision.

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