Comparing Facebook, Twitter And Google+ To Find The Best Social Network?

There are hundreds of general social networking websites on the web today, and thousands of niche social networking sites as well. But out of these, the best social sites for individual and business social media marketing and networking are Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Although most people think that there is a big war going on among these three social networking sites, the reality is very different. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ serves different audiences and have very different purpose. For instance, almost everyone who has access to internet has a Facebook account, where as only tech savvy people are active on Google+ right now. On twitter, only those who are interested in micro blogging are active.

Check out the infographic below that shows the comparison of Twitter, Facebook And Google+. If you are looking for the best social network, then you will note that the question of best social networking website is irrelevant here since all these three sites are very different.

So what do you think about the question of best social network after reading this post? Do let us know your thoughts using the comments form below.

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